HTC GLOVES JOINT STOCK COMPANY was established and put into operation on August 19, 2014. Specialized in manufacturing and distributing all kinds of medical rubber gloves used in medical, dental, food, industrial, chemical and labor protection industries.

   There are also medical protective items such as: Medical masks, surgical caps, surgical gowns, surgical aprons, surgical foot covers.

   The main export markets are in the USA, EU, India, Malaysia… 

 Main products:

  • Medical latex gloves with powder
  • Powder-free medical latex gloves
  • Medical latex gloves with powder length 280mm(Gloves A2)
  • Powderless nitrile medical latex gloves (9 inches and 12 inches)
  • Latex and Nitrile Cleanroom Gloves (9 inches and 12 inches)
  • Medical masks
  • Workwear protection
  • Medical hair caps, medical aprons, surgical gowns, medical shoe covers

Main export markets: USA, EU, India, Malaysia,….

HTC GLOVES “Best Solution for All”